The Whole Family in Heaven and Earth


My experience is limited, but I do not know of anyone who is thriving spiritually but has voluntarily separated themselves from their brothers and sisters in Christ. The weekly assembly is a vital part of our life in Christ. Last Sunday was the 23rd Family of God assembly. At this (nearly) annual event, all the […]

School of the Bible restarts on weeknights!


Professor João teaching How to Read the Bible This month we began the new courses at the School of the Bible. This is our third period of classes since the pandemic, but the first offering classes on weeknights. Because the school is in downtown Recife, we can only offer courses at times that are safe […]

Commit to Faithful Men

Recife elders to Belo Jardim (06Aug22)

Fellowship with members of the Belo Jardim congregation. In 1985 the leader of a Bible study group in the city of Belo Jardim (120 miles west) came to Recife for business. While here, he passed in front of our School of the Bible. He was curious, so he came in to find out more. He […]

Annual Youth Camp is back!


This month we held our annual Acampateen, the biggest youth camp within our brethren in the northeast of Brazil. We were not sure how this year was going to go. For the past two years, we were not able to have Acampateen due to Covid restrictions.  So, we were more than excited when 100 teenagers […]