Unity and Service: Reflections from the 25th Great Supper.

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25th Great Supper Over the long Easter weekend, Aureni and I participated in the 25th Great Supper. This year, it was held in Cajazeiras, 400 miles northwest of Recife. This event brings together church members from various congregations across the State of Paraiba for a time of worship and Bible study. Approximately 120 brethren from […]

Nurturing Newcomers with the Fundamentals of Faith

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In our congregation, we welcome new members through baptism and transfers from other churches. These individuals come from diverse backgrounds and vary in age. Upon joining, they integrate into our fellowship and become part of our community. Although we often assume they possess a basic understanding of biblical knowledge, we have discovered that their levels […]

Rediscovering Agape: Lessons in Love from The Sermon on the Mount

The letters of James and 1 Peter (Mar24)

Last month marked the beginning of a new period at the School of the Bible. Some of the courses offered this time include the Letter to the Romans, the Letters of James and 1 Peter, and The Art of Preaching. I have twenty students in my course on The Sermon on the Mount. About half […]

Cultivating Elders: Reflections on Boa Vista’s Men’s Training Ministry


The men’s training ministry at the Boa Vista (downtown) church has had a year filled with Bible learning and spiritual growth. Twenty-five men completed this phase of their training. The biblical subjects studied in 2023 were the Gospel of John, 1 Corinthians, Proverbs, and Jeremiah. There were also practical lessons like proper presentation in the […]