40 Year Celebration of the Recife Mission Team’s Arrival

This year (2020) completes 40 years that the team of missionaries from Sunset School of Preaching arrived in Recife, Brazil, to begin the mission work. The team was composed of Joe and Linda McKinney, Charles and Terrie Taylor, Phil and Patricia Grassie, Mike and Peggy Palk, Randy and Kathy Short and Mike Pruitt,

We were making plans to get together for a 40-year reunion, but the pandemic hit and shutdown these plans! I felt the need to try to do something about this. Then the idea of a video with testimonies of brothers and sisters in Christ occurred to me. All the testimonies were from people that became Christians during the first five years of this mission (1980 – 1985).

When the video was done, I called a Zoom meeting with the team members and surprised them with the video. It was a very touching moment. The church here in Recife feels very thankful to the missionaries that pointed the way of Jesus to them (and their families and supporters that made their coming here possible). To God be the glory!

Watch the video below. Don’t forget to turn on English subtitles.

How to turn on English subtitles: