A busy month – rain, seminar and retreat!

Our rainy (“winter”) season has officially started. We’ve had several days of torrential rain this month (over two feet this month, the rainiest April since 1911). Too bad we don’t get cooler weather; it’s just hot and rainy.

With many of our streets flooded during the last few days, some people avoid leaving home. You can see from these pictures that it wouldn’t hurt if one knows how to swim :p . But even with these setbacks, the month of April was very busy and some major events took place.

See photos of April’s events here!

“Let’s Grow” Leadership Meeting:

We had a one-day seminar on church growth with about 55 leaders present from serveral of the congregations around greater Recife. We discussed the many aspects of a healthy church such as leadership training, equipping members, discovering God’s mission and vision for the congregation, etc.

These servants of the Lord were encouraged to challenge the members of the congregation they serve to be creative and proactive in reaching lost souls for the Kingdom of God. You can see the pictures here!

Young Adults Spiritual Retreat:

Last weekend there was a four-day retreat for young adults with about 80 present from around Recife and other cities. The theme this year was “Overcoming Goliath.” Campers were inspired by David’s example and were challenged to hold steadfast in the fight against life’s largest struggles. God will always give us the victory if we remain faithful!

These four days were celebrated with great lessons, games, thematic dinners, and various activities that help people bond with each other. You can see some photos here!


Please keep the church leaders and the youth here in your prayers. Also remember families who live in hazardous areas and are in danger of landslides during the rainy season.