A New Life In Christ

Our plan is to reopen the School of the Bible for regular presential classes in the beginning of 2022. But until that date comes, we are using online tools to teach the Word of God.

Alongside 6 online Bible courses and an ESL (English as a Second Language) conversational program, we have just launched our latest online course called A New Life. This course is completely free and helps students to ask the right questions about life and guides them on finding the answers.

If the Pandemic has brought about any good, it may have been a greater awareness of our mortality and a desire for greater meaning in life. A New Life is a course that helps people who are seeking for answers that can be only found in the Word of God.

In the 10 lessons taught by our professor Bio, we tackle important questions such as “what if God exists?”, “who is God?”, “whats the problem of the world?” and “what is the solution?”

The course was launched last month (September) and we already have 180 students enrolled. Please pray that these courses can be an in effective tool in reaching people with the Word of God and laying the foundation as we plan to return with the presential classes of the School of the Bible.

In the video below, our professors introduce some of our online courses (in Portuguese):