A Time for God

Jesus warns us that where our “treasure” (that which we hold most dear) is, there will be our heart also (Matthew 6:21). So how can we know where our treasure really is? We want to think that our treasure is Jesus and our heart is with Him. But what if we are deluding ourselves? How can we know for sure? One true indicator is how we are spending our resources. And one of our most precious resources is our time.

Last week we held a community wide evangelistic campaign where we called our neighbors to give “A Time to God”. Seventy church members of all ages spent the week (some took vacation time from work) handing out a hundred-thousand small flyers. Monday to Wednesday in groups of 2 and 3, they went to every door (residential and business) within a one mile radius of the church building (at apartment buildings they had to leave the flyers with the doorman). Then Thursday and Friday they went up and down the main avenues in a big group waving banners and handing them out to pedestrians. All the campaigners were wearing a t-shirt with the campaign title, logo mark, the address and phone number of the School of the Bible.

People were invited to study the Bible in their home, to come to a meeting that Saturday at the church building and to take one of the twelve courses starting in the School of the Bible next week.

The week ended with the meeting Saturday night at the church building. There were about 150 people present. Of these about one third of them were visitors from the community. At this meeting Regis preached a Bible message on the need to give time to God (He gives time to us).

The young adult group did the “lion’s share” of the work related to the campaign. I know God will richly bless them for their sacrifice. They really give their time to God.

Please pray with us that God leads us to those who have receptive hearts.