About Us

Welcome to the Redeeming Recife website! We’re thrilled to share the journey of Redeeming Recife with you, a Christ-centered mission that’s been transforming lives for over 30 years in the beautiful city of Recife, along Brazil’s northeastern coast. Our adventure began in 1980 with six dedicated missionary families from the churches of Christ. Upon arriving on Brazilian soil, they embarked on a fulfilling journey of church planting.

Since those early days, the church has flourished, spreading the gospel not just within Recife, but also across the state and throughout the entire northeastern region. The Boa Vista church, our oldest congregation situated in the heart of Recife, remains steadfast in its mission—planting new churches and nurturing them towards maturity. Through this website, we hope to bridge the miles, connecting supporters, family, and friends in the US with our vibrant mission field in Brazil.

The Missionaries

Mike and Aureni Pruitt:

Mike’s journey began in the suburbs of Detroit and led him to Lubbock, Texas, after college. Embracing a commitment to mission work, he sought biblical education at Sunset School of Preaching. Post-graduation, Recife became his new home as he joined a team of missionaries. Love also found a place, and he married Aureni, a Christian woman he met there. Now, Brazil is home to their three boys: Joshua, Justin, and Jonathan. Together, Mike and Aureni continue their divine calling, contributing to the church in northeastern Brazil and fostering mature leadership.

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While the Pruitt family leads the mission in downtown Recife, several other missionaries also devote their lives to the cause within the suburbs.

The City

Recife, Brazil

Nestled on Brazil’s northeast coast, Recife, the country’s fifth-largest city, pulses with the lives of nearly 4 million people. It’s a place of stark contrasts: God’s breathtaking creation juxtaposed with human struggle. As you traverse its bustling streets, you encounter lush greenery, inviting beaches, vibrant art, and markets brimming with fresh produce. Yet, there are also reminders of harsh urban life—street children, poverty, and neglected neighborhoods.

Despite the challenges, the Brazilian spirit shines through. Festive, resilient, and deeply spiritual, the people of Recife yearn for a personal connection with God—a concept relatively new to many. Historically distanced from direct study of the Scriptures, they now eagerly seek a transformative, divine relationship. Life’s hardships have only heightened their receptiveness to the Good News, opening hearts eager for comfort and guidance.

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