“Acampateen” Teen Camp (p. 1)

July is a very busy month for everyone involved in any kind of youth ministry. While it is in the middle of summer time in the US, it is our winter break here. Kids get off one month from school. And it is during this month that we have the Acampateen – a large retreat for young folks of the churches around the metropolitan area.

This year we celebrated 10 years of camp. This year’s theme was “Summoned for Christ’s Team.” We based it on the World Cup that was taking place during June and July. Brazilians are very big on soccer as you probably know. We helped kids realize that they are called to be more than just fans, they are called to be athletes; we are called to be more than just followers, we are called to be true disciples.

We had around 70 kids who came from several churches. The camp went on for four days, filled with Bible lessons, devotional times, games, and tons, tons of soccer. We were able to make short video interviews with some of the local team’s major players who talked about the challenge of being a Christian in the professional soccer world. This was inspiring to many of the kids who look up to these players.

To be continued…