“Acampateen” Teen Camp (p. 2)

It wasn’t the fun videos, wacky games, or thematic dinners that had the strongest impact on the campers. What kept them talking for weeks on after was a special skit called Judgment House. Traditionally, on the second night of camp we would set up a haunted house where kids would have to find their way out, while collecting Bible verses to help defeat their foes. This year was different. We spent days setting up a live skit that was divided into separate rooms. As kids walked in each room they would be drawn in to one of the scenes in our story.

The story was based on young brother and sister who came from very broken home. The sister looked for help in Jesus and the Good News. The brother unfortunately resorted to drugs, drinking and living a reckless lifestyle. They are driving back home and get into a car accident. Their remorseful parent’s arrive on the scene only to find that their kids had passed away. We are then taken to a scene in the afterlife, before God’s throne, where He judges their lives and forgives the sister thought the blood of Jesus. The brother is taken into a darkness of great anguish, and shouts for help. The sister is taken into a blissful eternity with her Savior.

The skit really had an impact on kids. They were invited to think deeper about the brevity of their life, and the purpose that drives it. Some were drawn to tears, others would speechless and they realized that price Christ paid to rescue them from an eternity without him. This year’s camp was a highpoint in the lives of our youth and we praise God for this.