“And the Lord worked with them”

Ana Paula has been married to Tercio for over two decades and has been a follower of Jesus for twelve of those years. She found Jesus in a small congregation in the rural town of Delmiro Gouveia, AL, a six-hour drive from Recife. Her brother Antonio is the preacher there.

Tercio rising from his watery grave.

During these years, Tercio would occasionally attend church with his family but never wanted to accept Jesus because of the change of life it would bring. This was always a concern for Ana Paula who encouraged him with a gentle spirit whenever she could. But throughout the years, he continued to resist because he enjoyed drinking with his buddies and the temporary pleasures of this life.

The good news is that Ana Paula wasn’t the only one concerned about Tercio’s welfare. His heavenly Father was as well. Out of love, God put Tercio on a bed of affliction when his kidneys failed, and he had to do dialysis. After several months of this, their prayers were answered and Tercio was selected for a kidney transplant.

The nearest hospital that could perform the surgery was in Recife. So, they moved here two months ago and were blessed with a successful transplant. Shortly afterward Antonio contacted the church here to let us know Ana Paula and Tercio were in town recovering. The surgery requires them to spend three months here to be sure there is no rejection.

The brethren welcoming Tercio to God’s Family.

We went to visit them and began a Bible study with them and two friends they made who are also here due to surgery. They all began attending church at the downtown congregation. Sunday after the assembly, Tercio, 47 years old, was born again confessing Jesus as Lord.

We thank our Lord whose loving kindness never ends.

“And they went out and preached everywhere, the Lord working with them and confirming the word through the accompanying signs. Amen.”

 ─ Mark 16:20

(left to right) Tatiana (also a transplant patient), Ana Paula and Tercio immediately after his baptism.
Church gathering to witness Tercio’s new birth.