Annual Youth Camp is back!

This month we held our annual Acampateen, the biggest youth camp within our brethren in the northeast of Brazil.

We were not sure how this year was going to go. For the past two years, we were not able to have Acampateen due to Covid restrictions. 

So, we were more than excited when 100 teenagers from all walks of life, set foot on our campgrounds.

Most of the teens do not come from a Christian home, with about only 15% of them being members of our church. This poses a unique challenge for them at a camp with strict rules, but it is a huge opportunity for us to share the Gospel.

For four days in our winter break from school (month of July), the teens partook in Bible studies, devotional moments and several fun activities learning more about the loving God of the Bible.

This year’s theme was “Mission Possible”, where we learn about the challenges of the Christian walk that are achievable through Him who strengthens us.

And as fruit of God’s work through this event, 4 people (Lucas, Alice, Hadassa and Rebeca) decided to give their lives to Christ in baptism. 

We are grateful and encouraged to see these young people overcoming adversities to become disciples. Please keep them in your prayers.