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TeenCamp: Youth Drawing Near to God


“The heart is treacherous”, goes a popular saying in Brazil. It expresses how there seems to be a battle between our minds (reason) and our hearts (emotion). Doing the right thing may not be easy or straightforward when you deal with emotional impulses that want to lead you elsewhere. How to do God’s will in […]

A new mission team member has arrived!

theo arrives

It is with great joy that we announce the arrival of Theo Jordan Pruitt. Theo, which is a well-known name in Portuguese and English, derives from the Greek work for “God”. Jordan, name of the river, derives from the Hebrew word for “flowing or descending from”. And that’s how we named him: our blessing that […]

Intensive Bible Study


The School of the Bible has finished its first trimester of courses for 2018 and begun a month of intensive courses before our one-month winter break in July. Ten courses were offered with 116 students in total attendance. Highlight: This was the first time we offered a class off campus, at a sister congregation. We […]

New Classes at the School of the Bible

New students

The new classes at the School of the Bible are underway. We started our first trimester for the year strong, offering 12 different courses with 116 students enrolled. Some of the Bible courses offered were The Book of Revelation (in high demand due to a popular TV soap-opera on the topic), The Book of Acts, […]