Brazil Mission Week 1

A group of four students from Lubbock, Texas were part of a two week mission trip in Recife. Briana, Monica, Alex and Dylan had set in their hearts to journey to Brazil. They met up at a college ministry called Christ in Action, and under the guidance of David Pounds, they planned and packed their bags for a Christ-centered adventure.

Their purpose was to see firsthand the Kingdom work happening in Recife, to learn about the culture, to be challenged by the church´s faith, and to serve in any way they could. Little did they expect how impacted and changed they would be from the whole experience.

During the first week they had to get used to the different climate, food, language and their new homes. They met the local church and started taking part of many activities. One of the highlights was being able to teach English at the School of the Bible to Brazilians who are trying to learn English as a second language. They were also able to walk the streets of Brazil, getting to know the homeless that we minister to on a regular basis.

To be continued… Check out Brazil Mission Week 2