Campaign: Time for God

Have you given some time to God? This is the question we will be asking people who live in the residences surrounding the Boa Vista congregation. Our church is located downtown, surrounded by many businesses, and we noticed that most of our members live or have moved to other neighborhoods. Our goal is to have congregations in walking distance from the houses of our church members. So the Boa Vista congregation has come together and decided to direct their attention to the scattered houses and apartment complexes that fit within this criteria. This is where the campaign “Tempo para Deus” (Time for God) comes into place.

We understand that the question “Have you give some time to God?” is in a way incomplete. God has never desired “some” of our time, he has always asked for our entire life – our whole being – all of our time. Christ calls us to love God with all our heart, soul, mind and strength (Mark 12:29-31). But we also understand that many people may not understand what this means. What does it look like to give your whole life to God? So we all start somewhere; we all need a starting point of surrender. Several dozen of our church members will go out into the streets of Boa Vista, taking on morning, afternoon and night shifts for one week. They will be visiting homes and inviting people to start off giving a little time to God. Our prayer is that God will turn that little amount of time into an entire life. We will be inviting people to take courses at the School of the Bible and to attend a large meeting that we will have on the last evening of the Campaign (Saturday).

The photo you see here are several church members who have decided to take upon this task. They are wearing the campaign’s shirt and are calling others from within the congregation to find a way to help. It is encouraging to see their passion, as many take time from their busy schedules to help others grow closer to God.