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My word… shall not return to Me void.

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I remember going to the downtown congregation many years ago. It was right after we bought the Boa Vista church building. I often noticed a boy looking over the next-door fence at us as we gathered for church. He wanted to discover what was happening with his new neighbors. I later learned his name was […]

Approved in rightly handling the Word of God

Graduation 2022

One of the highlights of the end-of-the-year activities was the graduation ceremony for the twenty-three men in the downtown congregation’s training program. Their ages range from 18-73. These men are all faithful members of a local congregation and participate in various church ministries. All teach in the Sunday school classes, and most are in our […]

Commit to Faithful Men

Recife elders to Belo Jardim (06Aug22)

Fellowship with members of the Belo Jardim congregation. In 1985 the leader of a Bible study group in the city of Belo Jardim (120 miles west) came to Recife for business. While here, he passed in front of our School of the Bible. He was curious, so he came in to find out more. He […]

“Put in order what was left unfinished”: new eldership.

Elder's at the São Lourenço congregation.

It is possible that when Paul passed through Crete briefly as a prisoner of Rome (Acts 27), God used him to plant the church there. Later, Paul sent his coworker Titus to continue the task of maturing the church. “The reason I left you in Crete was that you might put in order what was […]