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Connection with people: to be seen, to be heard, to be held, to be loved

The law prohibits us from showing kids faces. Here they happily received a toy gift.

Edson, formerly living on the streets, now helps Lar Maná[/caption] Lar Mana (children’s home) update: The work we’re doing is going well. The place is getting more organized and more cheerful with brighter colors. Things have been fixed, recycled, repurposed and painted. The institutional beige and gray are giving place to sky blues, sunny yellows […]

A new mission team member has arrived!

theo arrives

It is with great joy that we announce the arrival of Theo Jordan Pruitt. Theo, which is a well-known name in Portuguese and English, derives from the Greek work for “God”. Jordan, name of the river, derives from the Hebrew word for “flowing or descending from”. And that’s how we named him: our blessing that […]

Returning 33 Years Later

Palks visiting Antonio and Marilene of Peixinhos church (24May18)

Mike and Peggy Palk (along with their three boys) served as missionaries in Recife from 1980 to 1985. Afterwards, they returned to their hometown of Cookeville, TN. For the last twenty years Mike has served as an elder at the Collegeside congregation there. They came back last month to visit the mission work they began […]

Children’s Home Update


You may have read my last update on The Lar Maná (Mana Home). It is the church’s children shelter. This shelter is a home to many boys and girls that were removed from different situations that were endangering their lives in different ways. The Lar Mana cares for them in the best way possible. There […]