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Uniting Faith and Friendship: Reflections on the 25th Annual Teen Camp


This year, the 25th annual Teen Camp welcomed 82 young people, aged 13 to 17, and an additional 35 helpers—including organizers, teachers, chaperones, and cooks—for a 4-day event. Representatives from many congregations across the region attended, along with several visitors. Joshua initiated this event during his high school years. Aureni and I assisted him for […]

Annual Youth Camp is back!


This month we held our annual Acampateen, the biggest youth camp within our brethren in the northeast of Brazil. We were not sure how this year was going to go. For the past two years, we were not able to have Acampateen due to Covid restrictions.  So, we were more than excited when 100 teenagers […]

God’s Not Dead, Are You?

2015 Acampateen Campers & Workers

This July we held the annual retreat for youth in the congregations of Recife and neighboring cities. We had 65 teens, and 35 helping brothers and sisters, spend four days learning more about what it means to follow and serve a living God. The theme was based on a well known apologetics book and movie “God’s Not Dead”. […]

When God’s people live together in unity


As you know, our life in Christ consists of many types of experiences. Some are of trials and tribulation to increase our faith. Others are of happiness and joy to encourage our hope. And to increase our love, God has given us sweet brotherly fellowship. And church Sunday was just such a wonderful blessing for […]