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Weak hands and feeble knees

Englsih Bible class (08Jan13)

Lagoa de Itaenga (Lake It-ta-en-ga) is a small, farming community an hour and a half northwest of Recife. If you were to drive through it, which you probably wouldn’t since it’s off the main highway and has no tourist attractions, you wouldn’t notice anything outstanding about it (I can’t even find the lake that gives […]

Soldiers of Christ

armor of god

Are you ready for the spiritual battles? Every year in the northeast of Brazil we have a special event called Mega Encontro de Jovens (Great Youth Gathering). While we have several youth gatherings throughout the year, there is something special that makes this one unique: Most youth events are hosted by some of our older […]

Watching them grow (Teen Camp 2012)


If you have ever been in a house with a lot of teens then you probably know how noise things can get. Well, imagine 80 of them together – how active things can get! Every July for the past 12 years we organize our Teen Camp, and this year we had eighty teens coming together […]

Do hard things!

Do hard things!

Yshua was one of the “troublemakers” in our youth group. Like many teenagers, he had a hard time knowing when to listen and when to speak, and had a very hard time sitting still. No one really took him seriously. We always thought he was just another kid whose energy came from too much TV […]