Children’s Day at Lar Mana

The work with the Lar Mana orphanage continues to be both greatly challenging and rewarding.

Children’s Day celebration at Lar Maná.

The orphanage is regarded as a prized jewel by child-services in the city of Paulista, just north of Recife.

Children from at-risk situations are referred to Lar Mana from child-services and are cared for by a loving staff who tends to their physical, emotional and spiritual needs.

Watch the short video below to have an overview of Lar Mana:

On Tuesday, October 17th, Lar Mana celebrated the Children’s Day Holiday. Even more than Christmas, this is the day Brazilian kids look forward to receiving presents.

Groups of medical and banking personal went all out to have a big event. There were clowns, Spiderman, trampolines, etc. and all kinds of toys.

Here’s a link to the photos that Ana, Lar Mana’s director, posted about the event:

Four brothers were adopted from Lar Mana a couple of years ago by a couple living in Iowa. They came to adopt two children, but they took them all as they didn’t want to break them up when they saw the brothers.

They are all doing very well and loving their new family. This story made the news, and you can read an update here:

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Children enjoying sweets and gifts during Children’s Day.