Church Assemblies and the Pandemic

The second wave of the pandemic has hit with 80% of the recently empty hospital beds now occupied again. Brazil remains at a Level 4 Travel Advisory (Do Not Travel) by the U.S. State Department since the pandemic began. The country continues to experience high daily case numbers of COVID-19.

Communion following safety guidelines.

Despite that, the congregations in the area have returned to about 50% of normal attendance for Sunday assemblies and Bible classes. The government requirements of masks, social distancing and age limitations (only permitted for those between the ages of 11 to 59) are being observed. Live streaming of the assemblies and daily virtual Bible studies help those who cannot attend.

Brothers waiting to check you temperature and sterilize your hands.

One blessing of our new live streams is that people who moved away from Recife are enjoying being able to see the church again and hear the singing and sermons. Plus, those who are homebound for any reason can participate from their home. 

If you would like to follow our live streams, feel free to visit our YouTube page clicking here.

Worship service livestream central.