Classes begin at School of the Bible

“Who am I?” “Why I am I here?” “Where will I go after this life?” These are some of the questions we offer to answer students through the School of the Bible. We started the school in 1982 as an effort to give Brazilians the tools they need to read and understand the Bible. Most Brazilians were raised with the notion that biblical understanding was reserved for clergy, and therefore out of their reach. But this is changing. People are increasingly looking for answers in God’s Word. And through the School of the Bible, many people have come to Christ in these thirty years.

Classes for the first semester of the year have just begun. We offer four semesters during the year. The classes will vary depending on the availability of teachers. This semester we are teaching Sermon on the Mount, The Book of Daniel, How to Read and Understand the Bible, Basic Theology, Becoming a Faithful Christian, The Book of Revelation, and Bible Based Basic English.

The Bible Based English classes are a fairly new deal. We have had a great turnout as Brazilians seek to learn English for their personal advancement. This has been an effective way to create contacts for the church, while helping students in their English studies. And this has been a great way to involve friends from the US in the ministry. If you have a chance to come down for a visit, our students will love practicing English and getting to know you. And maybe you’ll learn some Portuguese in the process. Win-win!

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