“Come over to Macedonia and help us.”

The church here had a real treat this week with the visit of veteran missionary and my good friend Tim Brumfield. Tim’s a New Mexican who has spent twelve years planting the church in the great city of Salvador, 500 miles south of Recife.

For the last several years Tim has been teaching at the Sunset Bible Institute where he helps to prepare men and women to share the Gospel around the world. Recently he has accepted the responsibility of directing Sunset’s missions to the Portuguese speaking world. I did not know this but 6% of the world’s population speaks Portuguese. That is almost 300 million souls.

He talked to the church here about the opportunity we have of getting involved with the World Bible School which send Bible correspondences courses to the Portuguese speaking countries of the world like the African nations of Angola and Mozambique. Last year he made a trip to Africa and had plenty of interesting slides.

I was surprised to learn that WBS has two million people around the world in every language studying the Bible by BCC. With that many students, it is understandable that they need many thousands of Christians to serve as “teachers” corresponding with these students. If you’d like to learn more, check out their site at https://www.worldbibleschool.org/tour.