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Edson, formerly living on the streets, now helps Lar Maná

Edson, formerly living on the streets, now helps Lar Maná[/caption]

Lar Mana (children’s home) update: The work we’re doing is going well. The place is getting more organized and more cheerful with brighter colors. Things have been fixed, recycled, repurposed and painted. The institutional beige and gray are giving place to sky blues, sunny yellows and beautiful greens. It feels good to see these changes. Colors do talk to you. These colors are brightening up the place and making it more pleasant and joyful for children who come from a sad home-life.

Volunteers spend time with the kids and spread joy

Besides our weekly work there, there is the work that goes on every day with the administration of a place like this. Administrating the children’s physical and psychological needs, finances, workers, the endless demands of a complex government bureaucracy, maintenance of the buildings, etc. All this is a huge task and very stressful.

If it wasn’t for the help of brothers and sisters that support financially and volunteer at Lar Maná, I think it would be impossible to carry on this important and needed ministry.

From my point of view, the children are well fed and have all the necessary medical attention. They have plenty of clothes, shoes, toys, diapers, school supplies and so on. The physical place is big, safe and surrounded by green trees. However, children need much more than just their physical needs met.

Lar Maná depends on the generosity of donors to support the work

Lar Mana is short of volunteers to improve the amount of attention each child receives. At church I’m encouraging members to go there and just spend time playing with the children. I am sure God is providing, for He is the one most interested in the care of orphans and children that are victims of abuse. We just need to continue doing our part.

The law prohibits us from showing kids faces. Here they happily received a toy gift.

Thank you for the support you have given. Thank you for your love for these little ones. I thank you in their behalf!

Watch the latest video from Lar Maná below (turn on English captions):