Craig from LST visits Recife

This week, Craig Altrock, director at Let’s Start Talking (LST), came down to Recife for a quick visit. Craig follows up on several mission sites that are planning on hosting LST in the near future.

LST is an organization that sends Christians throughout the world to build relationships and share their faith through one on one English Bible lessons. This is especially powerful in Brazil, who will be hosting the World Cup and the Olympics within the next few years. Everyone here wants to learn English and there is nothing better than practicing with native English speakers.

LST usually sends teams of two to six people for two to six weeks. The downtown (Boa Vista) congregation in Recife will be receiving a team of three (a fourth member is yet to be confirmed) for a month, starting in mid-June. Beforehand, the team will receive training through LST in their preparation for the mission field.

A second team may be coming to the newest congregation in south Recife called Candeias.

The LST team coming to Recife is open to new members. If you would like to join them in making an impact in Recife while getting to know the mission work, please contact LST at their webiste – click here! Let them know you would like more information on joining the “Boa Vista-Recife” team.