Cultivating Elders: Reflections on Boa Vista’s Men’s Training Ministry

The men’s training ministry at the Boa Vista (downtown) church has had a year filled with Bible learning and spiritual growth. Twenty-five men completed this phase of their training.

The biblical subjects studied in 2023 were the Gospel of John, 1 Corinthians, Proverbs, and Jeremiah. There were also practical lessons like proper presentation in the pulpit, the stewardship of money, empowering others in building effective ministry teams, and perseverance in overcoming difficulties.

What is especially encouraging is that these men are hardworking, committed family men. We want to install some of these as elders, giving stability to the Lord’s church. All these men are expected to have a lasting impact on the congregations in the area.

I need to mention Regis de Melo, who has done a wonderful job coordinating the ministry. Over the decades he has been a Christian, God has given him a supportive family and molded him into a stalwart soldier for the Gospel. As we look forward to this new year, we are filled with hope for the continued impact of this ministry.

Our prayer is that the seeds sown this year will bear fruit in the lives of these men and those they influence.