Emotion in the baptistry

This is a picture of Tatiana’s baptism. Tatiana (30) came to visit us with her Christian friend Rose. She had been reading the Bible for some time and was very hungry to understand better the word of God. She reminded me so much of the Eunuch reading the prophet Isaiah (Acts 8). She asked if someone could study with her. Her time is very limited as she is a single mom and works afternoons and nights at a University nearby. Thankfully we were able to find some time during the week and our studies began. She had many questions and a very willing heart. I was happy to be of help in her search of Christ.

On the day of her baptism, something interesting happen. Usually after someone is baptized they emerge from the water, and then they leave the baptistery to hug their family and friends. Tatiana didn’t do that, at least not right away. She stayed in the water for some time crying. It was such a beautiful scene to see this young lady under strong emotions shedding tears of joy. She told me that this was the thing she most wanted in her life.

She has many struggles and battles to fight. She needs encouragement and prayers to continue on her journey.

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