Expanding our online courses

Hewerton teaching Greek

Because the number of Covid cases in Brazil is still rising and vaccination programs are slowly starting to roll out, the government continues imposing several restrictions on businesses, schools, and churches.

Due to these many restrictions, the School of the Bible has not returned to in-person classes. We hope to return as soon as possible. In the meantime, we have continued our efforts to reach out through online courses.

Mike teaching Romans

We have recorded, edited, and launched seven online courses: A New Life in Christ, Bible for Beginners, How to Study the Bible (Basic and Advanced), The Book of Proverbs, The Book of Romans, and Biblical Greek for Beginners.

Josh teaching Exegesis

Students from all over the Portuguese speaking world can now visit our site and enroll in one of our courses. These courses allow the school to keep in touch with our regular students and spread the Word of God to places that we have not reached out to before.

And while we wait for things to return to normal, we keep things busy at the school’s building. The downtime has allowed us to do some much-needed renovation. We are eager to receive students once again.

Improving our facilities.

We are also very thankful to report that, Felipe, one of our School of the Bible English students who started attending church has decided to surrender his life to Christ through baptism. He was immersed by a close friend and school of the Bible teacher, Hewerton, after one of our church assemblies with limited attendance due to the pandemic.

Felipe’s baptism.