Five barley loaves and two fish: a dream come true

Filled with joy and expectation, 280 Christian women convened for the 31st annual ladies’ seminar. Each year, the four-day workshop is organized by a different congregation in a new city.

This year’s host was the city of Triunfo, Pernambuco. Triunfo, a green oasis amidst the arid Sertão region of Northeast Brazil, is a six-hour drive from Recife. Its elevated location—the highest point in the state—bestows a pleasantly cool temperature.

What struck me most was the extraordinary organization undertaken by a tiny church from the neighboring town of Serra Talhada. A handful of women, inspired by one lady’s dream, orchestrated the entire event. Lourdinha, a faithful sister from this small congregation, had harbored a twenty-year-old dream of hosting a ladies’ retreat in her region. Despite limited resources, she successfully realized her vision, and God blessed her efforts. This resilience and divine intervention never cease to amaze me—it’s one of God’s specialities to nurture a small seed in the hands of a faithful servant into a mature, fruitful tree.

Throughout the event, we received messages designed to fortify our faith and aid our spiritual journey with Jesus. The theme this year was “The Power of Influence of the Christ-like Woman.” We acknowledged the significant influence we hold within our homes, churches, and communities, recognizing the need for wisdom in utilizing this influence to glorify God effectively.

The atmosphere buzzed with joy and gratitude for the fellowship we shared. Without such retreats, we would miss valuable opportunities to meet with sisters from distant congregations.

These four days provided a splendid chance to rejuvenate our spiritual vigor and exchange personal stories. Each testimony and interaction served as encouragement, reinforcing the values and principles of the Word.

Without a doubt, this women’s seminar in Triunfo was a blessed occasion. We departed enriched by invaluable experiences and insights to bolster our everyday lives back home.