From Immersed in Scripture to Immersed in the Waters

Our hearts are filled with joy as we witness people surrendering their lives to Christ. They come into contact with the School of the Bible in different ways, but the result of God’s work is the same: being born again. Here are a few of the new converts over these past few weeks:

Isabel came to know the School of the Bible through the invite of another student. She started attending an online course during the pandemic and was one of the faithful few to see the course through. She was moved by what she learned and, shortly after the in-person classes started up again, she decided to accept another invitation: to accept Christ as her Lord and Savior.

Roberto is the brother of Hilda, a long time church member and the spouse of one of our professors. She started bringing him to courses at the School of the Bible. He attended Heroes of the Faith course, taught by his brother-in-law. Roberto had understood the need for his baptism, but was waiting for his birthday. After further study, he understood the urgency of this decision. And with tears of joy, he gave his life to Christ.

Solange’s spouse started bringing her to attend courses at the School of the Bible. During the pandemic, she continued studying the Bible with our professors through online Bible studies. She resumed attending courses at the School of the Bible this year, always questioning to better understand the Word of God. Finally, after attending church services on Sunday and hearing a compelling sermon, she decided to give her life to Christ.