From the pews to the streets

Here is a report written from a brother in the downtown congregation regarding our communitywide campaign in July, where many from the church went out into the streets handing out tracks, meeting new people and inviting them to hear about God’s word:

My mom used to say “one hand washes the other and with both a cup is washed.” I agree and I learned that this is a good illustration of what the church is and does.

The campaigners spent the week together, starting on Sunday after church. We went to the center of downtown. People from all around stopped to learn about the message we were sharing. It was a beautiful sight in which we could feel the presence of God.

The brothers were joyful, and worked from Monday to Saturday. Some could only participate during the nights. Others would come, leave, and return. And in this harmony Jesus worked in a fantastic way. The School of the Bible received many telephone calls, new students arrived, and visitors were received.

The work was good. God was glorified. An older lady who was walking in front of the downtown mall stood still, and when I walked up to her she said: I am here praying for you. A man who was dealing with addiction remembered our campaign last year. And from this effort in the first week two souls were added to the number of the saved.

It was beautiful to see each one serving, to have the feeling of a shared mission, satisfaction, and greater unity in Christ. It was great to see in our visitors, the birth of a hope that money can’t buy, and who are loved by us. And all of this encourages us to repeat this campaign in 2014. Come down and help us.

May God continue blessing this congregation and bringing us closer and closer to Him.

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