Growing into Christ

I am so pleased with the youth of our congregation. They are so excited about their life in Christ. They love to be in the company of other Christians. It is very common for them to go to worship Sunday morning, eat lunch together at a small nearby mall if they have money, if they don’t, they just make some-thing cheap like spaghetti or hot dogs in the church’s kitchen, eat together and spend whole afternoons at the church building just playing games, and visiting. Other times they go in big groups to someone’s house or even visit other congregations that worship at different times of the day. At night they go to the beach and have a devo and then play soccer. After that they catch their buses to go home.

They are constantly organizing Seminars on Evangelism or other subjects like Purity, Friendship, etc. They have a “Friend’s Day” where they bring their non Christian friends for fun activities and a message. They are in charge of their own Bible Class, camps and retreats. They invite guest speakers or other mature Christians to teach them. They are strong on discipleship and taking care of each other. Some of them have left the Walk for a while, lured by the attractions of the world but, praise God, those few that left are back and they are all stronger and more mature now. I am honored to be an “older friend/mother” figure to them and since a lot of them don’t have Christian parents, they come to us for advice, a shoulder to cry on, or for guidance. Sometimes they also get a “sermon”!

Last week they organized an event called “High Pressure” for the elderly. They did foot and face massages, nails, stretching exercises, a funny photo session and a healthy lunch and snacks. Those that attended came out really happy and saying they were treated like kings and queens. They also busy raising funds to buy an air conditioner for their spacious, but hot, classroom. They are awesome kids and we are very proud of them. They are very warm and friendly and love to have visitors. If you would like to send some of your youth here, I guarantee both sides will be edified.