In the Great Congregation

Last Sunday was the 16th FAMILY OF GOD assembly. At this (nearly) annual event, all the congregations in the area are invited to meet together instead of in their regular places of assembly. This gives brethren a chance to join together in joyful worship with fellow Christians that they may not have seen all year. It also helps to reminds us that the Family to which God has made us a member in Christ Jesus is much larger than those we see each week. This is especially important to brothers and sisters in the smaller congregations.

This tradition began many years ago as the church in Recife began to multiply and spread out from its central location downtown to the many suburban congregations there are today. Members missed those they were accustomed to see when we all met together.

This year there were 809 in attendance representing 30 congregations (each was asked to stand in turn). The group that came the greatest distance was from the city of Garanhuns (150 miles away).

Antonio Silva, preacher for the Olinda congregation, did a great job organizing the event for this year. Alvaro Pestana preached on the transformation Jesus brings to our lives based on Mark 8:22-26. After the assembly we enjoy a time of fellowship together, strengthening the spiritual bonds that bind us to Jesus.

“My feet stand on level ground; in the great congregation I will praise the LORD.” Psalm 26:12