Josh and Livia are getting married

My first son, Joshua, is getting married in less than a month. I am learning that the phrase “we want a simple wedding” is one full of innocence! We were all in an agreement that we wanted to have a simple yet tasteful ceremony. I had no idea that a “simple” wedding had hundreds of “simple” decisions to be made. On and off I ask myself what a more elaborate wedding would look like. Then I immediately expel the thought from my tired mind. From the colors of the invitation’s tiny ribbons to what kind of foods we want to serve (and can afford!). Choosing dresses, flowers, and wedding songs in the midst of thousands of options is no easy task!

Maybe all of these things that we need to do and being tired most of these past few days helps me not to dwell on some thoughts that come to mind. Thoughts about how I will feel when he leaves; how they are going to face the new life that lies ahead of them. I also have started missing my father again who passed away 12 years ago; wishing he was here with my mom to see their grandson getting married. I think he would be so proud of him and the choices he is making in life.

If you remember please pray for Joshua and Lívia, that they continue this life’s journey putting their hope in Christ and that their new home be a blessing to God and his people. You can see their website here:
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– Aureni