Lar Maná and the pandemic

When it all started (mid-March), we suspended our computer classes and classes at our little school for a week. This is for children from 1 to 4 years old, who do not have schools in the public network. Lar Mana opened a little school for them. After that, we went back to activities with a series of protective measures in place.

Children doing their homework.

Visits by outside volunteers, who typically come once or twice a week, were suspended as a protective measure. This is difficult because these groups always bring donations for the children (clothes, food, toys, etc.).

For now, only the employees can enter Lar Mana. As soon as they arrive, they bathe, change clothes and shoes, and only then have access to the apartments. Employees must use public transport to get here, and these are very crowded.

One employee was dismissed (she is depressed due to fear of the virus). To others, we had to give vacations because they live so far away. We temporarily hired other people who live near Lar Mana. I can see God working in this situation, allowing these people to work during this crisis.

Helping to prepare their meal.

In the common areas of the institution, we have alcohol gel for everyone to use. We also have liquid alcohol and bleach that we pass twice a day on door handles, doors, counters, etc. (places where many hands touch).

We are conducting workshops with all the children, addressing the protection measures against the coronavirus in various ways. The result has been excellent. Even the older children help in workshops by demonstrating to the younger children how to wash their hands. This makes them transforming agents learning to teach within the institution.

Children are very hungry (hahaha), always eating a lot! To help the neighboring community around Lar Mana, which is generally poor, we are giving out soup and bread once a week. In this way, we help to alleviate their suffering during this difficult time.

Ana Julia at the hospital.

One of our babies, Ana Julia, spent three days in the hospital suspected of having the coronavirus. Unfortunately, the hospital did not perform the exam to confirm if she had it. To protect the other children, we sent her to the home of one of our caregivers (who is our sister in Christ and lives near the Lar Mana). When her quarantine is up, Ana Julia will return to Lar Mana.

God has blessed us at Lar Mana! If our children are healthy, we have everything!