Lar Maná: Home of Mana

The Lar Maná (Manna Home) is the church’s home for rescued children from our area. It is called Maná because it was a gift from God. A Christian man from our church years ago donated a piece of land to our congregation. There we built a camp site which was used for many years as our go-to spot for retreats.

As the number of congregations grew we sought other places for our retreats and the Maná was underused. Some brethren suggested an orphanage as a good use for the site. And so finally the children’s home Lar Maná was created and since then several children have found a place of love and protection that has given them rest from abuse and oppression that they were subjected to, from the people that were supposed to care for them.

The home has a team of workers that tend to the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of the kids. Now, the home also has a new director that happens to be a member of our congregation and one of my best friends, Ana Valéria. She has the administrative talent, experience and above all the maternal and Christian love that I believe a director of such a place should have. Many things have changed for the better since she assumed that post a few months ago.

Because the work is challenging, and the technical team is so busy with the daily demands of the children, I made a commitment to be more involved with Lar Maná this year and help in tasks that are needed but the team doesn’t have either the time or the skills to do them.

We want to help build a useful and fun library and organize the donation’s room, the play-area and other spaces that are in great need. We have already started with the help of some of our youth to declutter and clean spaces to paint, furnish and fix things. We plan to make several visits throughout this year to accomplish these goals. We am very excited about this work.

We hope that one day you can come and visit the Lar Mana. We are sure you will be touched!

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