Let all things be done for edification

Saturday was a one-day seminar on “Leading in the Church Assembly”. There was a good turnout with 70 men of nearby congregations participating. The seminar had four lessons taught by the Elders.

Regis taught the first one on the proper attire for leading in a church function. Some young adults have gone up front in pull over shirt with print on them.
Antonio Neto taught the second class on tips on leading: The Lord’s Supper, prayers, the offering, songs and making announcements.

I taught the third class on respecting the amount time you are allotted. Two weeks ago, one good brother got up and spent half an hour minutes talking about the Lord’s Supper. That would have been fine if it wasn’t followed by the scheduled sermon. My three main points were,
1) watch the clock, if you don’t keep your eye on your watch, it will run faster than you imagine,
2) adequately prepare beforehand, and
3) pray for God’s blessings and guidance.

Regis finished up dealing with the attitude we need to have when leading a congregation in an assembly. The event ended with a meal for everyone to share in some food and fellowship.
“But all things must be done properly and in an orderly manner.” ─ 1 Corinthians 14:40