Mission Into The Interior (watch video)

Imagine having no running tap water or electricity, hospitals, police stations, or supermarkets. That is how a community of people live in the Vale do Catimbau.

Planning the mission trip at a hotel

The Vale do Catimbau is a desert-like region about a 5-hour drive from Recife. Part of that journey is on dirt roads.

The small village in this area is very impoverished. But we came to know more about their specific needs after a member who bought land in the area started attending our downtown congregation.

Bible study in a small flour mill

His stories encouraged a group of church members to organize a 3-day mission trip to the area.

The goals of this trip were to:

  • Teach and hand out Bibles
  • Give out good quantities of non-perishable food, toys and supplies
  • Organize VBS activities for the kids

I was able to join our brethren in this trip alongside my wife and two kids. It was Alice’s (5) and Theo’s (3) first official mission trip.

We were very encouraged by the people whom we met. It was challenging to experience a little of their daily lives. We pray that we could bring them some comfort and hope, and that our hearts continue to be aware of the “least-of-these.”

Watch the video below to see some highlights of the trip: