My trip to Jonathan’s graduation

In December I received a very special gift. I had the privilege of attending my youngest son’s graduation in Texas. For me, who has a fear of flying, lives far away in Brazil and hasn’t traveled overseas by myself in 32 years, it wasn’t very easy. However, my desire to be with Jonathan, 23, at this special time of his life exceeded these obstacles. I did better than I expected. Not even an hour of heavy turbulence troubled me much! I was more afraid of the stare of the immigration officer when he looked at my passport and then looked into my eyes and said firmly, what is the purpose of trip? And I proudly said, “I’m going to my son’s graduation!” I was a little disappointed when he didn’t congratulate me and just stamped my passport. I thought, oh well, he is not a mother, that’s why!

I am so thankful to God that allowed me to make this trip. I actually had one of the best two weeks of my life. I was so happy and proud of Jonathan when I escorted him into the Gymnasium of ACU. I cannot describe in words how happy I was. I thought I was dreaming and any minute I would wake up here in my bed in Recife, Brazil.

Here he is, my baby boy, graduated with a double major in Criminal Justice and Psychology. A fine young Christian man, now all grown up. I am so thankful to God that kept him safe these four and a half years far away from our family.

Another thing I enjoyed was that I could do a little cleaning and cooking for him (it is an all guys house so you can imagine how much work needed to be done). His roommates were all away for the Holidays and I had the house to myself! Besides cleaning the house and rearranging his bedroom furniture I cooked a huge pot of “feijoada”, a typical Brazilian dish made with black beans and pork, I made enough to last him a good while.

Trip to New Mexico

After the graduation we drove to New Mexico to visit our friends in Roswell and Artesia. The time didn’t allow us to visit with everyone we wanted to but the few visits we made were very good and encouraging to us. Besides visiting the Hermosa Drive and the Country Club churches on Sunday and Wednesday we had a lot of fun hunting for bargains at the thrift shops, searching for Pecos Diamonds, playing guitar and listening to great music, and of course ate a lot of good food and enjoyed the company of our good friends in these two congregations. Playing “Greed” with friends was also a lot of fun. I think I won something, I just don’t know what.

Christmas morning was bittersweet. I was coming home to Brazil and had to say goodbye to Jonathan, who plans to stay in Texas, working and searching for a new job. To all my dear friends, thank you so much for your hospitality and I wish you all a blessed 2014!