New Classes at the School of the Bible

The new classes at the School of the Bible are underway. We started our first trimester for the year strong, offering 12 different courses with 116 students enrolled.

New students

Some of the Bible courses offered were The Book of Revelation (in high demand due to a popular TV soap-opera on the topic), The Book of Acts, The Book of Genesis and How to Read and Understand the Bible.

Within the theology track we are offering Introduction to the Bible and Systematic Theology, covering a wide range of biblical doctrines.

In the language department, we are offering basic and conversation level English courses. Some of the students I would like to highlight within the English course include Edson, a young man who has come from a rough life on the streets, but who is eager to learn. Another notable young man started attending the church regularly with his wife due to my English conversation course, and even though he is an atheist, he has begun to study the Word of God and build relationships within the church.

Josh and a few English conversation students

I am thankful the many brethren who take time from their busy schedules to prepare and teach these classes. This period we have two first-time teachers who are doing a great job. We have also begun offering our first class off-campus in a nearby city.

We will begin inviting new students for personal Bible studies, in the hopes that they will deepen their relationship with Christ and seek him outside of the classroom. Please pray for our students and teachers as we strive to draw more people closer to God.