New Classes at the School of the Bible

The first semester of the School of the Bible is well on its way. We have many students enrolled and who are eager to learn the word of God.

The School of the Bible is one of the main ways we reach out to the community around us. We offer many courses that help seekers engage in studying the Scripture responsibly. This semester we are offering “The Grace of Forgiveness”, “The Message of the Old Testament”, “Acts”, “Basic Theology”, “The Book of James” and “How to Read and Understand the Bible”. We also offer English as a second language. This tends to be a course in high demand because many Brazilians need English to further their careers. This semester we are offering basic, intermediary, and advanced English courses.

Through the interactions with the professors and other church members who attend the classes, many have come to build relationships within the church and to turn their lives to Christ. Please remember this ministry in your prayers.