Nine Girls and a Sermon

Celebrating one year of studying the Sermon On The Mount with our all girls Bible study group!

This past year a group of eight girls and I (Aureni) studied the Sermon on the Mount in Matthew.  We were so amazed by the infinite numbers of lessons one can learn from it. It would take us our entire life time to figure out most of them!  The more you dig, the more meaning you find!

Our time together consisted of study and fellowship. In January we got together for an all day outing where we wrapped up what we talked about during the year. One of the things we were reminded of was that the marks of true Christianity lies in a submissive heart and in the practices of loving God and one another. This is an ongoing learning process. We don’t simply become Christ-like on the day when we were baptized, we become Christ-like as we try to live as God wants us to live EVERYDAY!

It wasn’t easy for us to find time for our group to meet. Everyone has busy schedules. Lyz, one of our girls, is in Medical school;  Bel  is a designer but is feeling called to do mission work in Africa; Rebeca is a lawyer and has a lot of difficulties for being the only Christian in her home – her mother feels she is wasting time with her involvement in the church; Helen is a newlywed, works at a school and is studying to become a teacher;  Mayra works in an office and hopes to start College soon; Gabi is an accountant and Manu, her sister, studies Business and works at a Bank; Carol is a fashion designer and Ceiça is the only one still struggling to find what she wants to do. Besides Hellen who is the only married girl in the group, all the others are  beautiful and precious single girls in their early twenties.  Be in prayer for their faith and that they can find Christian men of integrity – which is not always easy to find.

As we studied the Sermon and spent time together, our friendship grew stronger. I am very proud of these girls and their desire to put into practice what they have learned about Him.