Nurturing Newcomers with the Fundamentals of Faith

In our congregation, we welcome new members through baptism and transfers from other churches. These individuals come from diverse backgrounds and vary in age. Upon joining, they integrate into our fellowship and become part of our community. Although we often assume they possess a basic understanding of biblical knowledge, we have discovered that their levels of spiritual maturity greatly differ, regardless of their prior church experiences.

To address this, we have developed a curriculum consisting of ten lessons focused on essential biblical truths. These classes are held on Saturday mornings. At the end of last year, we completed our first cycle and have since begun a new one, with nine participants. We titled the course “Fundamentals of Faith — From Seed to Fruits.”

We are thrilled about this initiative, and even regular visitors are encouraged to attend. The classes have proven to be lively and enjoyable, with enthusiastic participation from everyone eager to learn. Moreover, the course has been effective in helping newcomers establish new friendships within the church, which are crucial for their continued faithfulness.

We plan to offer these classes throughout the year, with the exception of regular holiday breaks. I feel very blessed to be a part of this group.

Aureni with the newcomers group