On a journey together

Aureni and I had a good return trip to Recife on the fourth. We found everything in order except Zelda (our ten-year-old dachshund), who took what seemed like an unreasonably long time (several seconds) to remember who we are.

In the two months we were stateside we were able to report to nine congregations and several individuals in between. We thank God for His providential care with all our concerns and the safety He gave us in the 9,500 miles by plane and 7,000 miles by car that we traveled. A journey this long would have been wearisome except for the refreshing reception we received at the hands of so many loved ones.

Joshua, 27 and Jonathan, 21, were able to accompany us on this trip until being dropped off at college when we got to Texas. Justin, 25, couldn’t come due to his work and school responsibilities here. Thankfully, they got to visit with my mother and father one more time. My dad is now institutionalized due to Alzheimer’s disease.

Since we’ve returned I’ve preached at three congregations in the Recife area and am back to my regular duties of teaching and shepherding at the downtown congregation. Aureni is back to caring for her mother and her ministries at church. Upcoming in November are a training seminar in small group evangelism for the church leaders of Greater Recife and ElderLink, which helps congregations move toward a more mature and biblical model of leadership. Also this month is Day of the Family of God, when all the congregations come today in one big assembly of praise and fellowship.

Though it’s good to be back in our regular routines, we miss our dear friends, family and brethren who God has given us to make the passage in this life enjoyable. We thank God for you and pray He blesses you with all good things!