Pandemics Of The Spiritual Life

With several COVID restrictions still in place, the School of the Bible organized a live online seminar entitled “Pandemics Of The Spiritual Life.”

There were five different themes with five different School of the Bible teachers:

  1. The Virus of Discouragement
  2. The Fever of Lack of Prayer
  3. The Pains of Faithlessness
  4. The Symptoms of Lack of Fellowship
  5. The Efficient and Eternal Treatment

Throughout the five lectures of the seminar, we touched on several “spiritual diseases” that may plague a Christian’s life.

And with several lockdowns happening during the year that prohibited in-person church gatherings, we understand that some have grown cold in their faith and need encouragement.

We had hundreds of people attend the live seminar, and up to 760 people watched the recording from across Brazil.

The seminar can be watched on YouTube below (it is in Portuguese):