Refocusing on our mission

What is our mission and how can we make changes in our life this year to point us in the right direction?

It is so easy, in the midst of everything that is going on with our busy lives, to feel like we are slowly losing focus of our purpose or losing our grasp of the things that help point us in the right direction. Things like reading our Bible, intentionally engaging our friendships, organizing our prayer life, keeping up a spiritual journal, or serving in some kind of ministry seem to come so easily to us during the beginning of our new found Christian life. But time takes its toll and we need to rekindle the flame. We cannot afford to stop growing!

This year we decided to do something different with our congregation. We established some changes, or goals, to help point us to intentional living for Christ. The four goals for 2014 are as follow:

1. Commit: Establish simple daily activities that help to enrich your devotional time with God;

2. Evangelize: Choose a friend to begin praying for and be intentional in your friendship;

3. Serve: Discover a new ministry or involve yourself in at least one service within the congregation;

4. Love: Find ways to love one another and to promote a sense of unity in you church family;

Each member is encouraged to establish simple and practical routines for each of the four goals. Sermons and Bible classes were taught to clarify each point. We were challenged to remind each other of these goals, and hope to share stories of how we’ve changes through them at the end of the year.

We have a big banner in the auditorium with our four goals and in our homes smaller verisons to remind us daily:

Mission Banner

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