Remembering the poor

As the pandemic has hit the economy, many of the poorest are feeling it the most. The Body of Christ has responded by increasing her effort to relieve their suffering.

This past weekend, a group traveled to a community in the interior of Recife State of Pernambuco. This village is a five-hour drive by car. They have no phone service, no supermarket, no school, no hospital, or even a medical clinic. All they have is one Pentecostal church and a bar!

Despite their poverty, it’s a happy community with a lot of children. As some entertained the children, others handed out the food baskets, while others shared the Gospel.

The children waited patiently and respectfully in line to receive donated toys and school supplies. The adults were thankful and receiving with open hearts and ears.

One of the dangers in this isolated community is alcoholism. We pray that these hearers may continue to seek salvation and that these children will learn about God’s love.

Church member carrying donations.
Handing out donations.
Children happy to receive donations.