Returning 33 Years Later

Mike and Peggy Palk (along with their three boys) served as missionaries in Recife from 1980 to 1985. Afterwards, they returned to their hometown of Cookeville, TN. For the last twenty years Mike has served as an elder at the Collegeside congregation there. They came back last month to visit the mission work they began three decades earlier. Here are their comments:

This was such a blessing for us to spend a week with Mike and Aureni as they helped us reconnect with Christians we worked with 33 years ago. I was able to teach and preach at the Boa Vista (downtown) and Caramargibe congre-gations. We were able to visit with many preachers who were new Christians in the 80’s. What an encouragement it was to see how the Lord has expanded the kingdom through those who continue to share their faith one-on-one. God has truly blessed the efforts of our Brazilian brethren as the church continues to spread the Gospel to over 3 million in the city. It was rewarding to see the young Christians we knew 33 years ago who now have strong families and have remained faithful and grown into leaders.

The School of the Bible, currently directed by Joshua Pruitt, continues to be a successful ministry and is a well-received teaching center. The Lar Mana children’s home is a definite addition to the work of the church. It serves children who don’t have a safe situation and provides a court appointed home environment with the spiritual emphasis that a child needs. We were able to see many of the improvements to the Lar Mana that Aureni has done with help from other brethren. Mike Pruitt uses his wisdom gained through the years to shepherd the Boa Vista congregation.

Thanks again to the Pruitt family for helping us to see God’s blessings in Recife.
─ Mike & Peggy Palk

Mike Palk preaching at Boa Vista, downtown congregation.

Mike & Peggy Palk visits Dona Dé and her family, one of the oldest members of the church.

Mike Palk preaching at Camaragibe, church in the suburbs.

Mike & Peggy Palk visits Régis and his family, one of our local preachers and elders.