Run with endurance the race that is set before us

The Camaragibe congregation, located on the west side of Recife, marked its 35th anniversary with an inspiring gathering that evoked nostalgia and reinvigorated the faith of its members.

The congregation’s evolution from a modest Bible study group beneath a mango tree to its current stature reaffirms the Lord’s promise to nurture even the tiniest “mustard seed” of faith.

The theme of the evening was “Run with endurance the race that is set before us,” a message deeply intertwined with the congregation’s past and its aspirations for the future.

The auditorium was filled with the passion and dedication of the 90 members in attendance. I had the privilege to address the topic of “Perseverance.” Drawing inspiration from Hebrews 12, I emphasized the significance of facing challenges, maintaining unwavering faith, and above all, keeping our gaze firmly on Jesus, the initiator and perfecter of our faith.

The genesis of the congregation can be traced to a humble backyard, where eager individuals gathered under a mango tree for Bible study. It was through the foundational efforts of mission team member Mike Palk that the Camaragibe congregation we recognize today came into being.

As the congregation strides into the future, the insights from its history and its unwavering devotion to the Lord serve as both a guide and a beacon. The 35-year journey has presented its share of challenges, but at every juncture, the congregation has showcased tenacity.

The event culminated with a prevailing sentiment of gratitude, reflections on the journey thus far, and a renewed commitment to persevere in the race, with sights set on the everlasting reward.