School of the Bible is going virtual + Service Opportunity

We are now entering a new lockdown phase. The government has decided to tighten restrictions again, just when we were preparing to reopen the School of the Bible.

Mike recording online course on Romans

With the new restrictions, no non-essential business can operate during weekends, which is when we offer most of our courses.

This has made us seek the means to reach out to the public with the Word of God virtually.

Last year we started recording and publishing our first three online courses:

1.     The Bible for Beginners

2.     The Book of Romans

3.     The Book of Proverbs

We are now in the process of recording and editing four more courses:

Bio recording online course on Proverbs.

1.     A New Life in Christ

2.     How to Read and Understand the Bible

3.     Intro to New Testament Greek

4.     Panorama of the Life of Christ


We have also partnered with LST (Let’s Start Talking) to offer one on one English conversational courses with Brazilians who speak English.

Share your faith online with someone in Brazil.

Through registering on our site, English speaking Brazilians can be paired up for online sessions with Christians in the US.

This provides an opportunity for students to practice their English and for teachers to share their faith using lessons with biblical texts.

If you’d like more information you can visit this part of the LST website.  You can also view a short promotional video here.

LST offers all the training and materials for these online sessions.

If you’d like to participate, you can register here.  So that LST can connect you with an international student from Recife please make a note about that in the note-field on the Connect Registration Form.