School of the Bible restarts on weeknights!

Professor João teaching How to Read the Bible

This month we began the new courses at the School of the Bible. This is our third period of classes since the pandemic, but the first offering classes on weeknights.

Because the school is in downtown Recife, we can only offer courses at times that are safe for our students to commute. 

Most of our students rely on public transportation, like as our city buses. But because of the pandemic, the downtown area has lost a lot of its regular traffic, leaving streets, especially bust stops, deserted during the night.

Thankfully, the movement is slowly picking up, and because of this, we decided to restart our regular weeknight classes. And we are happy with the turnout. 

Professor Régis teaching The Book of Revelation

In this period, 100 students enrolled in our 11 different classes offered from Monday through Saturday. The classes range from topics like “How to Read and Understand the Bible”, different books of the Bible, and languages like basic English and French.

We can also now count on the help of Roberto in our staff in the Schools’ office. He is a retired bank manager who now shares his expertise with the School.

João welcomes newcomer Roberto to the School’s staff

In October, we plan to have a special certificate ceremony, celebrating the 40th year since the School of the Bible offered its first class in Recife, Brazil.

Please keep our students and teachers in your prayers, that we may help our community not only understand the Bible better, but answer it’s calling.

Professor Bio teaching Basic Doctrines of the Christian Faith
Professor Phylipe teaching Basic French