School of the Bible under new leadership

Bible and English teachers at the School of the Bible

2022 was a year of many changes for the School of the Bible. 

With life slowly coming back to normal after the pandemic, we were able to restart our regular classes, offering classes at all hours throughout the week.

We also resumed hosting our certificate ceremonies – a very special moment where students join us at church and receive their certificates of conclusion.

Bio teaching apologetics at the School of the Bible

But one of our most notable changes this year was welcoming Bio Nascimento as the new director of the School of the Bible.

Bio has served as a local church planter for decades and is one of our most prolific teachers at the church and at the School of the Bible.

We are blessed to have him serving the School for the coming years, bringing a renewed focus in the spiritual formation of our teachers and students.

Rodrigo teaching the course Introduction to the Bible